Country: All

Shared vision, values

Twaweza values the partners we work with deeply. We are committed to co-creating and learning from the work we do together. We work with partners based on:

  • Goal focus
  • Contextual analysis and relevance
  • Citizen agency focus
  • (Powerful) Innovation, Creativity, Imagination
  • Shared goals and ideals
  • A focus on impact
  • Value for Money
  • Openness to Learning

Partnership Criteria

Current Partners

Jamii Forums

Kwanza TV

Azam Media

Mwananchi Communications

Well Told Story

Uganda Radio Network

African Youth Development Link

President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government


Maa Media

Christian Social Services Commission

Coalitions and Groups

In addition, we are a member of the following coalitions and groups

  • Civic Space Working Group (Tanzania)
  • Coalition on the Right to Information (Tanzania)
  • Parliamentary Initiatives Network (Kenya)
  • Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group (Uganda)
  • Transparency and Accountability Initiative – the learning collaborative (Region)